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The 5 Biggest Decorating Trends of 2006  

by Matt Trostle

Staying on top of the latest trends for all you "do-it-yourselfers" can be fun but, it can also be time consuming. So, to keep you on top of the latest interior design trends we scoured the net to come up with the 5 biggest trends of 2006.

Hot Colors Are In

Yes, the reds and oranges are going to rule in 2006. While these colors started to be in vogue last year, this year everything will seem to be drenched in these colors. Along with all your reds and bold oranges, it is recommended you throw in a little kiwi green accent for a well rounded room.

Keep It Simple

Clutter is never a good interior design idea, especially this year. The trick here is to look like you didn't spend an entire week arranging everything just right. Keep it light and casual but not erratic. You don't want the messy look here.

Mix It Up

Good news, you can stop trying to match everything! Plan on seeing a lot of mix and match decor this year. Show off an Asian painting or wall screen with a Kathy Ireland Home occasional table.

All Things French

Country French design is making a fresh appearance in homes this year, especially in the kitchen. Replace the barns and roosters for a more rustic look this season.

Trade In The Coffee Table

Give your old coffee table to Goodwill and buy yourself an over-sized ottoman. Just this one accessory can change the entire look of a room. If you prefer a more traditional coffee table, go with a long and narrow rectangular shape.

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