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America Falls In Love With Australian Clothes Lines

The USA is now takening up the secert that Australians have known for years. Clothes line and laundry lines products are eco friendly and will save you money immediately. Laundry lines, clothes lines and washing lines have been around in Australia for decades, with the most popular model by far being the "Hills Hoist" rotary clothes lines which is found in almost every Aussies backyard.

With the climate change and global warming on the tips of everyone's tongues, the common laundry line is finally getting the praise it deserves as one piece of household equipment that can easily be adopted and used by the everyday person. At the present time the USA has been slow to adopt the use of natural laundry drying devices such as outdoor laundry lines as consumers in many areas battle strict covenants which ban them from using a laundry line in their yards. As the momentum grows for many of these covenants to be over turned or even abolished, Australian laundry line manufactures such as Hills Hoist, Austral clothes lines and Versaline laundry lines are entering the USA market to provide the very latest eco friendly products to customers throughout the USA and Canada.

Australia is the world leader in laundry line and clothes line technology and Hills clothes lines are a world renowned brand that has been around for over 60 years. There are many styles of Australian made laundry lines now available in the USA, either through traditional bricks and mortar stores as well as a number of specialist online stores such as the like of Urban Clothes Products include rotary laundry lines which are for outdoor use and can hold up to 3 or 4 loads of laundry at a time, and are also adjustable in height so they can be used by people of all height ranges.

Wall mounted clothes lines that fold flat to the wall when not required are also now available as well as retractable lines that extend up to 8 metres and are only seen when you need them. Laundry lines can reduce your homes energy bills by around 6% almost immediately and with these new Australian lines now available throughout the USA, there is no reason why we cant all have our laundry out drying the eco friendly way in no time at all!.

Kelly is a writer and researcher for Urban Clothes Lines and Eco Washing Lines

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