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The Perfect Infant Activity

Many parents continually search for the best infant activity to stimulate and encourage their baby's development. especially during the first few formative years. During these first years babies must get all the learning experiences necessary for a complete development. And developing a complete range of skills requires mastering many activities and exposure to many learning situations. But there must be a shortcut, isn't there? Certain key baby activities offer an abundance of stimulation and valuable learning experiences.

Yet, since many parents are totally unaware of the value of these activites they are mostly overlooked. One of the very best activities for a developing infant is also one of the simplest. tummy time! Tummy lying is a great activity to simultaneously build and develop upper body strength and proper head control. Both of these vital skills happen automatically as she learns to hold her head up, look around and push herself up with her arms. Upper body strength and proper head control are absolutely vital skills all babies must completely master.

How does it work? This infant activity gives the best results if you place a blanket or mat on the floor. Put your baby on her tummy on the mat and scatter 2 or 3 toys around in front of her to reach for and play with. Best is to use simple, easy-to-grasp toys just right for your child's age. For the youngest babies, bold colored toys are especially stimulating; older children will prefer more colorful toys, ones making noises and simple construction toys.

Although this infant activity doesn't require any special equipment, you may wish to explore the many special tummy time mats and cushions. Many come with age-appropriate toys, such as rings and rattles, already attached. Be careful, however, that your child doesn't get tired of spending too much time lying on her tummy and seeing the same toys every time! Many tummy time cushions are made in such a way that the toys can be detached, so you can substitute the toys and keep things interesting. As with any infant activity, be sure to monitor your child carefully while lying on her tummy - especially if you have older kids or pets.

If she's lying on a blanket, ensure that it's heavy enough and won't entangle your baby. If you don't have a heavy quilt or tummy time cushion, then an exercise mat is an inexpensive, comfy and safe alternative. Tummy time doesn't have to be expensive or high-tech - just put your baby on the floor and let the fun, exercise and learning begin! It's the simplest, absolute best infant activity.

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