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The Essential Guide To Saving Money On Home Cooling

Soon, the cost of cooling a home will exceed the costs of heating one, analysts say. Especially if you live in areas like Texas, Arizona or Nevada where temperatures hover around the hundred degree mark for many months out of the year. Overall, you should spend extra time on sealing your home from the outdoors. Get at those little cracks by the window or underneath doors.

It is much easier to heat a home up than to cool it down. 1. Plan Well In Advance If your monthly bills for air conditioning your home are starting to rack up, consider beefing up your windows and doors to even out the situation. Keep cold air in and hot air out during the summer. 2. Common Home Cooling Strategies and Tips - Get your air conditioner checked once a year - IA programmable thermostat can save you thousands every year - Clean out all air ducts - Apply a reflective light coating on your roof - Keep your blinds closed.

This keeps the hot sun from heating up your home. You would be amazed at the difference this little tip can make! -Sleep downstairs. Since hot air travels up, the difference in temperature between your upstairs and your downstairs can be significant. If you have a basement, that's even better! Basements stay fairly cool during the summer because they are mostly underground. If you find that you're just too hot in the summer, try moving your bed downstairs during those hot summer months. There's nothing worse than trying to go to sleep in a terribly hot bedroom.

3. Add Value To Your Home With A Cooling System You can slash your energy bills by as much as forty percent simply by changing your furnace or central air unit. Seemingly these will work but in actuality they are the most expensive to maintain. Calculate how much more efficient a new system would be, and see if it's cost effective for you, versus simply maintaining the one you already have. Efficiency has come a long way in the last few years, so it's a good idea to check it out.

4. When Cooling Your Home If you absolutely are torn between expanding to your home or picking up a better central air system, go for central air. A higher quality of oxygen in your home will lead to less or even no complications regarding dust and asthma. Moreover, it will allow you to get a more peaceful sleep at night.

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The Essential Guide To Saving Money On Home Cooling - Soon, the cost of cooling a home will exceed the costs of heating one, analysts say.

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