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Creative Minds Improving Homes  

by Tony Robinson

When consider improving your home, you must have a mind with a creative motive. We all have a creative parent within our minds, but some us are lacking the gift to use this part of the brain. Still, if you are not creative looking at other home designs can help you put your creative side to use.

Home improvement means you will start by understanding what you like. What sets off your personality? If you like exotic you may want to give your home the mirror appeal or else the jungle look. The mirrored tiles are great for designing kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Picture it! You walk in your bathroom after decorating your home. You look in the corner of the room by the commode and notice the pinkish, green, white, purple, and brick mirrors setting off the blue light to the right of the area. The counter made of hard creamy tile is glitter from the light as well, while the floors are tiled with ceramic creamy tiles and the room feels fresh and clean. Wow, you think. When you feel good about your home, you feel good about you.

You might think a bathroom such as the described will cost a fortune, but the truth is a couple hundred dollars more or less will give you the bathroom of desire. You may think that you can never do this work your self, but the truth is as long as you have the ability to read instructions and follow them, you can do this job your self.

Considering cost is nothing compared to considering the wealth the cost will bring. When you remodel your home you are improving the equity of the home, thus, when you want a loan or else want to sell the home you will make overhead for the few dollars spent to improve the home.

Tiling is often cheaper than most believe. Thus, mirror tiles, cork tiles, ceramic tiles, spacer tiles, universal tiles, and mosaic tiles are cheap, since you will not need a lot to finish a bathroom. The mirror effect may cost you around one hundred, especially if you are only mirroring a small area of the room. Thus, if you considered mirroring the entire bathroom you could still get away with finishing the job at a reasonable cost by contrasting and comparing prices at various stores.

You will need tools, materials and tiles when considering tiling the walls and/or floors. Thus, the materials needed to finish the job are less expensive than most think. For example, if your walls have holes, cracks, or lumps you will need primer, sealers, and plaster. Primer, sealer and plaster kits will cost around twenty give or take. You will also need thinners and detergents, which will cost a few pennies. The tools purchased could cost more if you buy the expensive tools, but even so, you will have the tools the next time you need them, otherwise buy the cheaper tools to get the job done.

The most expensive material you will purchase to remodel your bathroom is the tiles them self unless you must replace fixtures. Fixtures are the single most expensive replaceable items in the bathroom.

Thus, when considering remodeling your home you will need to look at other designs if you are not creative to help you reach the decision that makes your personality stand out.

If you do not like the exotic appeal, you may enjoy the original look. Thus, improving your kitchen could cost a few hundreds dollars as well, but once you finish you will feel better about self, especially if you reach the effect you want. If you like, the country appeal in the kitchen area, a few tiles could go a long way to reach the personality level you are seeking.

Imagine your kitchen with tiles over the stove area that brings a basket of fruit to the scene. Tiles can do amazing things to a home, and in my opinion, tiles are more appealing when designed right over any other covering or flooring in existence.

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