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Decorate A Room In The Tropical Style  

by Gregg Hall

In the home decorating world, the tropical look has never been hotter. The casual and warm styling with natural colors and cool textures bring forth unique rooms that show great style while offering a relaxing environment. Many choose to create entire theme rooms in the tropical attitude while some people will simply accent with tropical items.

Some of the more common tropical accessories include the use of flowers like orchids and hibiscus in brightly colored fabrics on drapes and upholstery. Some other characteristics will be tropical birds and animals like monkeys and tigers. If one is planning to decorate an entire room in the tropical style using wallpaper of bamboo creates a great look.

Furnishings should go along with this using rattan, wicker, bamboo and other natural tropical woods. The tropical style began in the 1940's when America was going crazy over anything to do with Hawaii. This continued into the 1950's with Cuban styling and has continued to be popularized by Florida and Caribbean decorating ideas. Some choose to throw in a little of the Orient which works well and even using the British look of the Bahamas.

When choosing lighting for a tropical themed room we want to incorporate all of these trends. Choose natural tropical woods such as rattan, teak, and bamboo along with colored and earth tone wood beads that will continue the relaxed look we are trying to create. As with furnishings, using items that are embossed with tropical birds, palms, and large jungle plant leaves continue the tropical look.

Dependent upon how colorful we have gone with our other choices, the lamp shades can be either brightly colored or more muted earth tones. If we have gone with earth tones in our upholstery, we may choose to accent with brightly colored lamp shades.

There are many new lines of ceiling fans that offer the wicker and rattan look that can really cap off the look of a tropical themed room. Don't forget to add this to yours, it can make a huge difference in the overall look of the room.

Changing a room to a tropical theme can be very easy and incredibly fun and the home décor industry offers many choices to help you create your own unique style.

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Gregg Hall is a business consultant and author for many businesses and lives in Navarre Florida with his 16 year old son. Get lighting for your tropical look.

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