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Decorations For A Quinceanera

Oh my. Where has the past 15 years gone so quickly? Is it time for your princess to celebrate her Quinceanera? Families have been known to save up money for years just to have a big Mis Quince celebration. It's not out of the realm of the unbelievable for a Mis Quince celebration to have catered food, limousines, live bands, a dance hall, and photo sessions for the guests and even a beautiful white or lavender gown for the guest of honor. Now it is your turn to plan the party.

Let's get started. Mis Quince also contains many religious elements, similar in a way to the Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah party held for thirteen year olds in Judaism holds religious elements. Before the party all the guests attend a service at church where the pastor speaks about the moral responsibility of growing up, the young woman celebrating her birthday gets to stand up and speak about her hopes for the future and even her parents or some family members may stand up to speak about the young woman and the happiness they felt watching her grow up.

This is always the most beautiful party of the event, so take your time and enjoy it. Tradition also holds that the Quinceanera girl first dances with her father before performing with her court (at which point she may also trade for a more sprightly dancing partner). So when planning the music for the event, keep this in mind.

Traditional Latin music can be mixed with hip hip or house - or your favorite musical style - whatever it is and whatever would be most comfortable for dad and daughter to dance to. Mis Quince party decorations during the party will give the guests the feel of the actual atmosphere placing them right into the heart of the occasion. A fun party theme could be based on the hobbies and interest of the Mis Quince or it could be based on an idea that would be fun to execute. The perfect themes could be a Cinderella Fairytale, Hawaiian Luau or Beach party, Hollywood glamour, Wish Upon A Star, Arabian Nights, and so many more fun themes to choose from. To carry the theme throughout the party, include keepsake cup kits, accessories, and cake decorations and other party supplies.

Also, nothing says PARTY or sets a party mood quite like balloons. Think about single balloons, balloon bouquets, or balloon arches. Fun for the kids, a Mis Quince pinata is a traditional all time classic game. Mis Quince party favors are a memorable way to finish the event but still a fun keepsake for the guests. Choose a party favor that matches the party theme, the court color, or even a more practical party favor that your guests can use at home like bookmarks or candles. Now that all the planning is done, enjoy the party!.

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