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Easy to Do Yourself Design

Many people make the mistake of assuming that certain design issues must be taken care of by a professional. Whether hiring a handy man to retile the floor or an interior decorator to help you choose your home décor, you are probably spending a lot more money than necessary. There are several easy steps to doing design work yourself. Let's take a look at a few options. The Living Room - As the most public room in the house, this is probably the first area that most people want to decorate so that they can feel comfortable entertaining.

The living area is quite simple, since you don't really have to purchase much to throw together a design. For wall hangings, buy a few frames and find favorite pictures from vacations, family functions, and other personal memories that you can blow up into 8x10's and hang. These can be extremely dramatic if you have them printed as black-and-whites. Find a media rack for DVD's and CD's that has some sort of style - an interesting geometric design or a specific material such as stainless steel or wrought iron that has a certain style to it. Buy one or two inexpensive throw rugs to brighten up the area, and you are basically finished. Of course, a large candle as a centerpiece on the coffee table could be added, as well as a small lamp or two on end tables, but these are unnecessary.

The Bedroom - This is the most intimate area of the house and should reflect you personally. On good accessory for a bedroom is a mirror, with a frame in your preferred style or, if you like minimalism, no frame at all. Choose a headboard that speaks to your personality, and have a nightstand that contains personal effects that make you feel at home - a pair of glasses, a bookmark for your bedroom reading material, and other such items.

The Dining Room - In the formal dining room, the main decoration that most people choose is a china cabinet to showcase silverware and expensive, quality dishware. However, you can also place an antique lamp stand or chair in a corner as a showpiece or replace the china cabinet entirely with a bookshelf or some other personal preference, such as a wine rack. The Kitchen - Seen as the main working room, the kitchen should be functional. Design the room with pleasant colors that make you feel relaxed and comfortable, since even those who like to cook and bake can easily become stressed in this environment. Make sure that you have everything you need within arm's reach, and don't clutter the area with unnecessary décor.

The Bathroom - Nothing says cleanliness and domestication like a well-put-together restroom. While lots of décor is unnecessary for such a location, you should choose a relaxing, neutral color for the walls and a matching set of hand towels. Many people will add a magazine rack or wicker basket with extra toilet paper and bathroom reads for both their own comfort and for the pleasure and entertainment of any guests.

Ben Weissman writes articles about using Metal Beds, Headboards and other Contemporary Bedroom Furniture to Decorate Your Home. You'll find more Interior Design Ideas at . Make your bedroom into a personal retreat!

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