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Golden Retriever The Favourite Choice Of Dog For Families

The favoured choice of many people who wish to own a dog is a Golden Retriever. They are a proud, obedient dog, but their main trait is as excellent pets, especially where children are concerned, which makes them a favourite choice for families. You will not end up disappointed if you resolve to own a Golden Retriever regardless of what your intention was for making that decision. Golden Retrievers enjoy the company of people and so make loyal friends, are calm, well mannered, easy to train and extremely affectionate due to their intent to please. They have many positive traits including loyalty, affection and ideal children's pets, but they also have a loud bark whenever they are disturbed by abnormal situations making them excellent watchdogs.

Golden Retrievers shed their hair constantly right through the year and more in the spring, so regular brushing is essential. The quality and condition of the coat is important in assessing the health of a golden retriever puppy. Daily brushing with a bristle brush is essential and special attention should be given to the dense undercoat Getting wet is a favourite pursuit of Golden Retrievers, similar to Labradors, as they love the water and take every opportunity to get sodden. In the beginning this will be a novel source of amusement. But when they constantly finish up either wet or muddy, it could eventually cause frustration. Like most breeds of dog once you own a Golden Retriever you have certain obligations to tend to his welfare.

A most important requirement is his emotional well being that comes from being with his owner and family and being treated as an essential part of the family group. Neglecting the fact that he requires regular active exercise could lead to problems with his behaviour. Leaving a Golden Retriever on his own for long periods of time is not ideal and this should be considered when making an initial choice of dog. Surroundings are important and a family atmosphere is ideal, especially if the family includes children who will give him all the attention he needs.

It is easier to school a Golden Retriever puppy than a full-grown dog, which is something to take into consideration when it's time to acquire your new pet. It can be a satisfying past time although frustration will surface at times and it will take up a lot of your spare time initially. An older dog would be a better option than a puppy if spare time is not readily available. A more suitable alternative would be a Golden Retriever that is already house broken.

The positive characteristics of Golden Retrievers, like companionship and loyalty, make them a superb option. They will want to be included in all activities that you or your family will be involved in. They love being outdoors and doing things with the family, and the more they are included the more they will become loyal and affectionate.

More information can be gathered about Golden Retrievers by visiting a popular website with tips and advice on how to care for your family pet.

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