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How Much Return on my Money Should I Get With a Bathroom Renovation when I sell my House

If you are a homeowner, then you have probably already considered some type of renovation to one of the rooms said to bring in extra money when it comes to a sale. The two most recommended rooms when it comes to renovations, of course, are the bathroom and the kitchen. In this article, we are going to take a look at what you can expect when it comes to a return on a bathroom remodel when you sell your home.

First of all, consider the type of renovation Renovations, of course, come in many different types. If you have an older home, you might HAVE to renovate your bathroom in order to have any shot at a sale at all. In this case, the return on your investment as we discuss below will be much higher, simply due to the fact that your house won't sell without it. Otherwise, we are left with two types of renovation, the minor remodel and the major remodel. In the minor scenario, all you want to do, essentially, is upgrade your bathroom with new cabinets, fixtures, and so on.

Your main costs will be in the price of the goods you install. Generally these fix-ups will cost around $10,000. In a major renovation, you have to factor in the costs of labour as well.

Major renovations mean knocking out the walls, re-doing the plumbing and all the tiling, and so on. It can get quite pricey, as there are a number of different professionals involved, and you can expect to double up on your minor remodel price to at least $20,000. So what's the return? Generally speaking, a remodel of any type on one or more bathrooms in a home will yield an 86% rate of return on the sale. So if you spend $20,000 on your remodel, you can expect to get $17,200 added to the value of your home because of it. Of course, that is not all there is to the return. The customers who you market your home to will certainly determine the true value of your renovations; demographics will determine how appealing your bathroom is and thus the return yield.

Still, a bathroom renovation, as long as you consider it carefully, is acknowledged by most experts as a great way to significantly up the value of your home overall.

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