Have you ever dreamed of bringing decor-savvy individuals like to freshen the look of your rooms? Bring summer indoors in full force - without losing the comfortable and cozy furnishings you desire in the cooler months.

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If Youre Not Decorating Now Youll Hate Yourself Later

Serious decorators know that the best time of year to decorate is that small window between Labor Day and Halloween when every one else is trying to get back in the routine and groove of daily life after vacation. They know this is the time for serious bargains with little competition. Fall is a beautiful time of year with every thing around us changing. The same is true in the decorating world and here are six reasons why you should take advantage of the season and do your decorating now! 1. The Stores Are Stocked And Full Of Merchandise By this time of year the decorating and department stores have eliminated all the old merchandise and the new merchandise for the coming holiday decorating frenzy are in the stores and on the shelves ready for your inspection. The fabric companies have all the latest styles with this years hot colors on full display.

The window blind manufactures have distributed all the new samples and some of the new innovations that you're going to see are fantastic. Some of the companies have really done a great job of improving their product line and their price point. You will want to pay particular attention to some of the new offerings by Levolor this year. They have made a number of improvements in both quality and lower price. 2. Vacations Are Over It is hard to get real good service during the summer time as the store associates as well as the installers are taking vacations but at this time of the year vacations are over and the installers as well as the sales people are ready and anxious to get back in the groove.

Use this to your advantage. Most people are not thinking about decorating yet. They usually don't think about decorating till after Halloween and then they go into a decorating frenzy that creates tension and confusion for both the store personnel as well as the buyer. The result is hurried up decisions that sometimes prove to be not the best. 3.

Sales Personnel Have The Time To Spend With You. Business is slow at this time of the year so sales people have the time to spend with you. Use this to your advantage, talk to the and get their ideas on your decorating project. Pick their brain, get their ideas and together you will come up with a well thought out decorating plan that you and your family will enjoy for many, many years down the road.

The closer you get to the Holidays the harder it is to get service, take advantage of the time now to get execelent service. 4. Bargains Abound The store personnel want to get those new product out into the community so you'll talk to your family and friends about the latest and the greatest. It's just good business for them to get those products out there to be used and stared at, that's why they are offering deep discounts on the new products now. Don't be concerned about the new products not working. By the time they have made it to the showroom they have been tested and the bugs are long gone leaving you with a good working product.

5. Service Will Be Quick The factories, the sales personnel and decorators as well as the installers have all had their vacations and ready and willing to get back in the swing of things. Income usually declines in the summer time so most if not all are ready to start making some real money again. I said it before wait till after Halloween and nothing will be cheap, easy or quick. Remember that law of supply and demand that you learned about back in Economics class? When stores are busy the discounts disappear.

When customers are in line two or three deep there is not time to give good service, just keep that line moving. It's just not physically possible. And the installers are ready. They spent all their money on vacations and taking it easy during the summer and are now ready to work whenever and wherever they are needed. After Halloween they will be booked solid and you will be at the mercy of their tight schedual.

6. You'll Be Able To Have A "Chillin" Holiday Time Get your decorating out of the way now and come Holiday time you will be able to spend your time on holiday events with your family and not be concerned with a decorating project that is not going the way you envisioned. When there is no time left to do anything about it. Do your decorating now and come Holiday time sit back and relax!.

Here's a complete listing of all the monthly specials that the different manufacturers and distributors have. By comparing them side by side you can make an informed decision on which discount would be perfect for your decorating project.

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