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Negotiating the Price on a New Mattress

In many cases, people dont buy mattresses when they need them because the prices are too high. Even if youre waiting for a clearance sale or some other discount event, you may still find a new mattress to be cost-prohibitive. But what you dont know is that the price listed for a mattress is often negotiable.

Depending on how you handle these types of communicating, you may be able to save a significant amount of money and get a good quality mattress at the same time.

Compare stores before you try to negotiate

Before you begin the process of asking a store clerk to accept less for a mattress, its important to know how much other store owners are charging. As you might expect, many people will purchase from a store that charges less, leaving a more expensive store looking for business. Depending on the situation, you may be able to walk into a more expensive store and successfully negotiate a discount if you can prove that their competitors are offering lower rates.

Set a firm price in your mind

Before you go into the store, set in your head the most youre willing to pay for your mattress. The sales situation is designed to get you to spend more than youve planned ?" every detail, from the lighting to the actions of the salesperson, is working against you. The salesperson will likely show you a few higher end models that may interest you, but dont be seduced that easily. Let the salesperson know how much youre willing to spend and see if theres any way to get to your price.

Be a community patron

Mom and pop furniture stores may have more room to negotiate than large chain mattress stores. The chain stores have to report to a management chain of command that gives them less flexibility in the sales process.

However, if you know the owners of a smaller store ?" or if you can establish some sort of connection with them ?" they may be willing to work with you on a better price. If you want to be really sneaky, find out what community organizations or charities theyre involved with and join yourself!

Dont lie!

It can be tempting to come up with a little fib ?" okay, a flat out lie ?" about your financial situation. It might start something like, Well, with the chemotherapy treatments, I just couldnt afford? or Its not for me ?" its for my 87 year old grandmother? However, dont fall into this trap. Youll spend the whole time trying not to get caught that youll lose focus on the actual negotiating ?" and youll feel even worse if youre caught. Treat the salesperson with respect by articulating your needs and your budget limitations clearly.

Negotiating a better price on a mattress will take some skill and determination.

If youve never haggled on a price before, you may find this type of communication difficult to grasp. So take it slowly. If you have five mattress stores on your list, save the cheapest one for last. If you arent successful in negotiating with other store owners, youll still be able to purchase your new mattress without going through the negotiation process.


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