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Renovating Your Kitchen In A Single Weekend

The kitchen is the most frequented room in the house. It is modernized, updated and recreated more than any other room in the house. If a house wants to increase its resale value, a kitchen is one the first rooms to be renovated. Most kitchen renovation jobs, if everything goes according to the master plan ? and what renovation does, last from seven to nine weeks. If things do not go as planned it can take a lot longer.

Each kitchen has its own demands and the need to address the differences causes a variation in the time spent. Factors, such as the extent of the project, the age, and condition of the house, affect the time frame. If the kitchen is an older model located in an outdated house, chances are problems will be higher than for a more up-to-date model.

Renovating your kitchen in a weekend, offers challenges and restrictions. Only so much can be undertaken. Such a project also means serious preparatory planning must take place first. Before you start, sit down and prepare a design plan. What is your vision of the kitchen? Do not get carried away.

For a short project such as this, stick to basics. Do not consider ripping down load-bearing walls and redoing all the wiring. Think more along the lines of cosmetics, removing, replacing or repositioning appliances and cabinets and floor retiling. In such a short span, it is best to concentrate on one particular aspect.

Choose one major and maybe one minor undertaking. Do not attack the project in a frenzied manner without rhyme or reason. Proceed logically to consider what is best done now. Keep in mind the time frame ? a weekend is short in terms of renovation. Keeping this in mind will influence the outcome as well as the important planning perspective.

Combine this with a financial reality check. How much can you afford to spend? Look at the availability of helpers ? preferably people who have done this before or have some knowledge in the area. Examine logistics and do not forget to order the materials with enough leeway in case there are changes in plans or late delivery.

There are a number of things to consider in terms of placement of appliances. In order to get optimum benefits provide the working areas of the refrigerator, sink, and stove top with sufficient room in terms of both counter top and floor. Consider all doors both to and in the kitchen require clear and safe room to open and close. Space in front of the refrigerator is an absolute must.

If it means repositioning it, do so. The cook will thank you for it. Adding an adjacent counter will also win you praise. Counter space is an important essential of a well-functioning kitchen.

A weekend project could focus on adding counter space, perhaps installing an island. Whatever you decide to do, remember to place everything you do not intend to use and what might get in the way, into labelled boxes, before storing them safely out of the way. Family pets should also be placed somewhere safe, maybe a kennel, until the work is completed. Small children and even significant others, might just want to find themselves elsewhere. Renovations can be long and messy projects.

To do a major job in a weekend is not entirely feasible but, to do a significant renovation of your kitchen on a weekend is an obtainable goal.

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