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Review for Alen A Air Purifier

The Alen A350 air purifier is the ideal model for all those who want a quality product at an affordable cost. Built to clean the air of a 800 square feet room, this purifier is specially effective against mold spores, pollen and pet dander. This makes it an ideal choice for all those who suffer from allergy. Its performance has been found to be much superior than many comparable models and the best thing about it is that it comes with a Life Time Warranty. Those who are suffering from allergy and want to use the model as a device to keep such allergic reactions under check, should use the purifier in a room no more than 400 square feet. This will ensure that there are at least four air changes per hour.

The more the air changes the purer the air. Alen 350 comes with HEPA filters but is surprisingly affordable. While comparable models are priced at much stiffer rates, Alen 350 also provides replacement filters at a fraction of the market price for other models. The model can be mounted on a wall if you don't want to block too much space on the floor.

Maintenance is also easy and doesn't burn a hole in your pocket. With cheap replacement filters, much of your worries about maintenance expenses are taken care of. Some of the features of the air purifier include a pre-filter in addition to the regular HEPA purifier and the carbon filter.

The carbon filter is there for gases while the pre-filter protects the HEPA purifier from being saturated with bigger particulates. There is also an in-built ionizer which can be switched on and off. It also is free from any ozone emission. The portable air purifier is a definite help for people who have to be outdoors over a long period of time in a day and have to meet many people. The thing becomes specially effective during the flu and allergy season.

Now you need not take recourse to drugs to be cured of these things which were accidentally transmitted to you. With your portable air purifier you are free to go anywhere, and meet anyone. Portable air gives you freedom you never had before. The purifier comes with four speed settings so that you can vary it according to the need. For user convenience there is also a filter change indicator which tells you exactly when to change the filter.

Generally the filter life is about 6-9 months. Tipping the weighing scales at 16 lbs the purifier runs on a power of 120 V and consumes 90 watts of electricity when the fan runs at the top speed. The device also comes with a lifetime warranty provided the filters are changed regularly.

Overall the performance of the purifier is at per with the best devices available today in the market. It is definitely value for money.

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