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Rock Your Stress Away

Studies suggest the humble, low-tech rocker can ease the stress and anxiety brought on by our high pressure, high-tech lives. Research has long confirmed what new mothers learn very quickly: rocking soothes babies, possibly because the motion mimics the sensation of being carried in the womb. The gentle back and forth of rocking transforms crying into cooing and magically changes a wakeful infant into one who sleeps well, like a baby! But less has been known about rocking's effect on adults.

One recent study reveals the welcome news that rocking is as good for grandma and grandpa as it is for baby. Researchers recently conducted a study to examine the effect of rocking on nursing home residents who were suffering from dementia due to Alzheimer's disease or other causes. For six weeks, the 25 men and women rocked from 30 to 80 minutes every day.

Subsequently, the rocking mechanism was disabled on the platform rockers and the result was observed. During the first six weeks, nearly half the study group exhibited less anxiety, disorientation, tension and depression. Those who rocked 80 minutes per day showed the most dramatic difference, requesting pain medication less often and having fewer episodes of anxiety and depression. Researchers noted that those who achieved the greatest benefit were those who rocked for the longest amount of time over the course of the day, not necessarily during one sitting. They also noticed that when emotionally distraught residents were helped into rocking chairs and began rocking, the motion immediately calmed them. An additional benefit was observed: rocking improved the balance of the study group, possibly because the rocking motion helps stimulate the body's ability to maintain balance.

Though researchers have not documented rocking's effect on adults in mid-life, evidence suggests that it must be as soothing for baby boomers as it is for their parents and children. Demand for rocking chairs has soared during the past few decades, and the plain wooden rocker has diversified to suit the tastes of both the chic set and couch potatoes, in the process spawning a whole category of furniture. Swivel rockers,glider rockers,hanging chairs have gained popularity. And now even round, flat, floating beds that rock an adult or child with a very slight head to toe motion all night long have been created to meet this need. The advantage of the head to toe rocking motion while lying down is that the lymphatic system gets a gentle, rocking massage up and down the length of the body resulting in a feeling of ease and balance.

As science is beginning to discover, the use of rocking has clear-cut health benefits. In babies, rocking recreates the soothing rhythm of being in the womb. For older folks, rocking stimulates blood flow and facilitates the gentle, rhythmic contraction and relaxation of back muscles. The population is rocking! Not a bad way to relieve stress.

John Huff, the inventor of the Floating Bed has created many new and useful products. With a deep respect for the health benefits of good sleep he has designed the round Floating Hanging Bed to be the best bed in the world, the bed of your dreams that rocks you to sleep.

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