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The Different Designs of a Modern Daybed

A daybed is essentially a piece of home furniture that serves as a haven for sleeping and sitting. A basic design is a large and wide piece of elevated mattress, with headboards and a sideboard functioning as armrests and a backrest during the day. Basically, a daybed looks like a huge sofa with a wide mattress to function as a bed during the night. Daybed designs vary according to headboard and sideboard details, although there has been an increasing change in the fundamental design over the years.

At first, daybed designs were limited to a variety of headboard and sideboard styles, such as wooden or metal. Then, these boards or rails are designed differently, such as a detailed look for a Victorian feel, or a simple and sophisticated style for a modern design. Nowadays, a board or rail design is not limited to the look of a modern daybed, as the structure of the traditional daybed has changed over the years. A common type of the modern daybed design is composed of upholstered boards.

The quality of the sideboard and headboards are significantly changed from wooden or metal to an upholstered structure. These upholstered boards are added for a more comfortable feel. However, more elegant and sophisticated designs include little or no sideboards, hence no backrests. How does it function as a daybed then, if it cannot function as a sofa by day? A surprising and bold design includes a foldable metal bed frame and an equally foldable mattress. All you have to do is to perform some mechanism that lifts the other part of the bed and transform it into a backrest.

The two headboards function as an armrest. So, instead of a hard, cold material as a backrest, you get to feel the same comfort of your bed while sitting down. This modern daybed design has certainly increased its popularity among customers. Another design of the modern daybed is a wide, elevated mattress that has no headboards and no foldable design. It is simply a no-nonsense, practical design that can easily transform itself from a huge couch to a comfortable bed. This modern daybed design is popular among customers who want a low-maintenance and practical piece of furniture, as it works best in small rooms with busy occupiers.

Fortunately, different daybed types give the customers many options to suit his or her tastes. A modern daybed is certainly one of the leading products of daybeds in the market. This is because it has an elegant yet practical design that focuses on added comfort as well as aesthetic value.

Robert is the owner of a daybed site where he writes articles about beds and daybed comforters.

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