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UV Air Purifiers A New Generation in the Air Purification

The concept of ultraviolet purification is not new rather it's a revival. The first half of the twentieth century saw several innovations in the field of Science and Technology. Especially the two World Wars have been a turning point not only in the history but in every facet of human civilization.

It was sometime between both the World Wars the idea of ultraviolet purification had popped up. - In the initial years this technique was exclusively used for purifying water. - There are several water treatment plants even today that use the ultraviolet emission procedure. - From water the direction has now shifted to air.

The new millennium has been successful in discovering this latest and modern mechanism of air purification quite effectively. But there are darker sides as well. So before you plunge into buying a UV air purifier, check out the details considering both the benefits and the hazards. Effectiveness to be judged - Bacteria cannot resist the UV rays. This is the fundamental theory even behind water treatment with this light.

- The same can be applied in case of purification of air. But here lies a flip side. - The UV rays are efficient in killing the bacteria in air but with a constraint.

And the limitation can't be overlooked by any means. - There has to be coordination between the intensity of light and the intensity of the flow of air. - The science is applied exactly over here. The UV light is incapable of capturing bacteria when the air is moving. So only when it is smooth and still air, you can really experience the effectiveness of UV light killing bacteria. - The time management between the air flow and the UV light exposure has to match to come up with desired results of air purification.

Overruling limitations If the timings are becoming a mismatch there must be a way out to overcome this factor. Researchers have done it and UV air purifiers are the catch of the day. Revising the features - The UV Air Purifiers are thus designed in such a way that they can emit more UV microwatts in a specific area.

- The quantity has to be more than that of what is required to disinfect the environment. Only then a balance can be created between the air movement and the UV light emission. The UV Air purifiers have been made so efficient that they can penetrate through the DNA of the bacteria thus making them inactive at the genetic level.

98% of bacteria are killed in this way and the efficiency rate of the air purifier has been detected up to 99.98%. What else do you expect?.

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