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Weight a lifetime battle Part

After my first baby was born, I found it very hard, impossible to be exact, to get back to my weight, which I had before giving birth. My appetite and my hunger were just too big. Again, trying all possible diets did not help, because they did not really fight the hunger. It was just not enough food they offered. So I desperately needed to find a solution, a way to lose weight, which was based on appetite suppression and hunger control. Without experience and knowledge whatsoever, my first thought was: hunger control? There only can be one way for hunger control, which is, obviously, eating enough.

But eating enough automatically means, eating so much that the hunger is gone, which would mean to accept that the weight will not drop, maybe even increase. And let's not even talk about appetite suppression? If I have the feeling I must have a peace of cake, the appetite for something sweet, it takes quite an effort, to keep me away from it. So what would be strong and convincing enough for appetite suppression in my case? So I started to inform myself, trying to find a solution for this dilemma. Reading and researching on the internet I looked for material about hunger control and appetite suppression. Talking almost 20 years ago, not even 20 % of today's information was available.

There was talk about a few new chemicals, which should help to fill the stomach for hunger control, but they did nothing for appetite suppression. I tried them anyway. And in a way they worked, as far as hunger control was concerned. The pills expanded in the stomach like a sponge and so it was physically impossible to eat too much. But they had no effect whatsoever on appetite suppression.

Because appetite suppression has nothing to do with the stomach, it is a matter of the brain. So by taking these pills, I had two choices: either to lose weight and be constantly cranky or try to lose weight by controlling my appetite with self-control (which obviously would not work!). And being cranky all the time would not be the best recipe for my marriage. So it was back to square one.

Starting to research again, this time I really dove into the material. There must be a solution for hunger control and appetite suppression at the same time. Around this time there appeared the first reports about a new thing, a cactus from the Kalahari, on the internet. Hoodia Gordonii was very quickly the widest known secret, when it came to weight loss. A natural product, which fought obesity and also worked for hunger control and appetite suppression? This sounded too good to be true. But anyhow, I really started to get desperate.

I had my second child and my weight was in regions, where it never was before. I urgently needed a solution for hunger control and appetite suppression. So I ordered my first supply of Hoodia, reluctantly, but I ordered.

This was in 1994 ? and I never looked back since. Appetite suppression and hunger control never were an issue again. Of course, even with Hoodia I had some glitches, when I just had to have a piece of cake, but in general I feel very well since I take Hoodia Gordonii and I am the living proof that there is a natural product which helps with appetite suppression and hunger control. You heard everything about my ongoing struggle with my weight, from childhood until today. Now, to finalise my story, I will tell you all about: How to lose weight with Hoodia - and I also want to tell you how I still manage my weight with Hoodia Gordonii. When I got my first bottles of Hoodia Gordonii, I had read the few informations and articles which existed about "How to lose weight with Hoodia", by heart.

So, without much delay, I immediately started with the Hoodia diet, just as written on the bottle: about 1 hour before every meal I took the Hoodia together with a big glass of water. At first I took 2 capsules before lunch and 2 before dinner, but after about 6 months, I went down to one. And that is basically it: how to lose weight is no secret anymore for me, quite contrary, how to lose weight is as easy as eating, if you use Hoodia Gordonii. But let's start at the beginning. For the first two days I actually did not feel any less hungry, than I felt before and I thought already that Hoodia was just another scam.

(Today I know that it can take up to 72 hours, before Hoodia really connects with the brain.) but then on the third day, my hunger was basically gone and from then on my lunch and my dinner were always considerably smaller than before. "How to lose weight with Hoodia" ? it started to get really interesting and exiting. So I kept on taking my capsules. How to lose weight with Hoodia ? although it is easy, it still needs some kind of regularity.

Take the capsules one day, not the next two days and then again for three days, is not how it works. For me personally it worked best, the more I stuck to a routine. If I managed to take my capsules for two or more weeks always exactly at the same time, I did not only lose my hunger.

I also found my mood considerably improving and I felt generally better. Mentally and physically! I had more energy and I was a lot more active. So, instead of asking "How to lose weight with Hoodia" it should be: "How to improve my life with Hoodia"! After a year, I was down to the weight I wanted to reach, the task went from "How to lose weight" to "How to keep weight". I just remembered too well, how quickly the weight was back on the hips, once the diet was stopped.

But I found very quickly that there is no actual stopping, because I never changed my food. True, I ate less, but still the things I liked, so even when I was on my target-weight and when I stopped Hoodia, I did not have sudden cravings for something I did not eat for the time of the diet. So, the question, again, could be changed into "How to lose weight by still eating the things you like?" Therefore staying on my weight was not really all that difficult. I stopped the regular intake of Hoodia and tried to eat normal, but less than before.

And on the days, where I felt that hunger and appetite might overwhelm me, I took the capsules again. How to lose weight with Hoodia and staying at my weight ? today it is for me the easiest thing in the world. I found my perfect weight and thanks to Hoodia I am quite able to stay at this weight, within a margin of maybe 1,5 kilos. I always have a supply of Hoodia Gordonii ready and when there is too much craving, I always come back to it. How to lose weight is for me nowadays a matter of maybe three capsules of Hoodia Gordonii a week. I honestly hope, it works for all of you as well as it worked for me.

How to lose weight ? with Hoodia Gordonii it is no sorcery anymore!.

The author was born in Switzerland, but is now living in Spain, enjoying the lifestyle, Sun and Fun. Over the years, he became quite an expert on Diets and Weight Loss. He wrote this article based on an interview of a personal friend from Germany.

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